Make your plan to visit Japan

Now I’m planning to travel unique tours!
For example…
・Home stay in Japanese house
・Geisha(Maiko) experience in Kyoto
・Sightseeing in Kyoto wearing Kimono
・Wedding photo
・Watch fireworks festival wearing yukata
・Attend the tea ceremony etc…
I would like you to know by experience that this is real Japan!
If you have any plan, please let me know.


hotel in Yokohama

I love Yokohama.
When I come to Yokohama,I stay 『Yokohama grand intercontinental hotel』.
It takes only 5min by walk from Minatomirai station.
This hotel is one of the landmark of Minatomirai.
It takes around 40min from Tokyo.
I think Yokohama looks like Kobe. Both of them are port city and has China town!

At night,I go to china town for dinner. It takes only 10min by car.

The room is enough space and enjoy city view at night.
This is superior room with city view.
total ★★★★☆
room ★★★☆☆
view ★★★★☆
cost ★★★★☆
staff ★★★★★
location ★★★★☆


travel shirahama,wakayama

I went Shirahama.

Do you know where is Shirahama?

Shirahama,Wakayama is about 1hour from Haneda airport by air, Japan Airlines.
Or 2hours from Osaka by car and train.

Shirahama is famous for Onsen and white sand beach.
And there are many place to see!

Watch this movie.
Beautiful sea and sunset!


sushi restaurant in Japan

Do you know 『Kaiten-zushi』?
This is conveyor belt sushi.
Little plates of sushi that go around on a circular conveyor belt that everybody sits around,
and sushi chefs make them in the middle.
After you’re done eating, the cashier counts the number of plates you had to calculate your bill.
You can pick up yourself from conveyor belt or you can order to chef directly.
Some of sushi restaurants has bullet train and it carries sushi that you orderd!
This sushi restaurant is 『Kappa sushi』.
Everybody likes to go to kaiten zushi because this is not expensive
and we can enjoy various of sushi!
Please visit Japanese style of kaiten zushi.


SAKURA Cherry blossoms forecast in 2015

This is a cherry blossom forecast in 2015.
This forecast shows it is the time to start bloom.
Full bloom is 1st of week of April in Tokyo,Kyoto,Osaka and Fukuoka etc. except north part of Japan.
In this season, Many foreigners visit Japan every year to see sakura(cherry blossoms)!
I think this is the best season to come to Japan because temperature is comfortable and sakura is so beautiful.
If you have a plan to come to Japan to see sakuara, please come on 1st week of April.
But the forecast will be updated so please check this forecast
and do not miss full blooms of sakura!!

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popular mascot in Japan

In japan, 『Yuru kyara』is popular!
Yuru kyara = Yuru character. means…
heartwarming mascot-like characters that represent different organizations, events, or groups
and mainly devised for PR purposes.

This is 『Kumamon』 from Kumamoto prefecture.
Red cheek is cute♡

This is the most famous in Japan!
This is 『Funasshi』from Funabashi-city, Chiba prefecture.
Funasshi is unofficial character in Funabashi-city and a fairy of pear!
But Funasshi can dance hard and always shout loudly!
This is mismatch with appearance!!! That’s why Funasshi is popular!
If you want to know more please check youtube!! CLICK HERE.

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Hotel NIkko Narita

When I have to stay in Narita for transit, I always stay 『Hotel Nikko Narita

This is JAL(Japan airlines) group hotel.
This hotel has free bus from Airport to Hotel and Hotel to Airport.
And it takes only 15 min between Hotel and Airport!

This hotel has Lawson (convenience store,corner shop) on ground floor!
My recommendation is Sunset lounge on 11th Floor.
Especially at night, the view is so beautiful.
You can enjoy night light of Narita airport and cocktails!


how to soak in the hot spring

Do you know how to soak in the hot spring??
1.Before enter the tub, wash your body.
2.Pour water your body and get used to the temperature before enter the tub
3.Don’t soak your towel and your hair!
4.Wipe your body with your hand towel before you go back to changing room.

When your body warms up, step out your upper body or breaks!
This is important!!

Sometimes,Wild monkeys come and enjoy open-air bath.


shopping at Muji

Muji』is a shop selling foods, clothes,cosmetics,stationery,furniture,etc.
All items are simple and basic and the price is not expensive.
Muji start to sell house also!!

The concept was born of the intersection of two distinct stances,
no brand (Mujirushi) and the value of good items (ryohin).

Muji has 385 shops in Japan.
The simple but functional!
My recommendation is foods and snacks.
Especially Neri Ume (snack)!!!
This is a sour‐sweet plum :-)
Some of stationary and snacks can buy 『FamilyMart』(this is convenience store).


Where can you get SIM card

I lived Delhi before because of my business.
When I came back to Japan for temporary return,
I always had problem with SIM card…
But now, you can buy SIM card at majour international airport!!

Actually, Japan had no SIM free mobile until iPhone 5s was released.
Now SIM card become popular!

①【Prepaid LTE SIM issued by So-net】
You can get major airport Narita, Haneda, Kansai etc. and
train station at Tokyo, Kyoto and some home appliances shops.
If you need more details, please check here!

・1GB for 30days … 3000Yen
・2.2GB for 30days … 4000Yen
・3GB for 30days … 5000Yen

This is convinient to get SIM card but expensive…:’-(

I will give you another SIM card information!
See you next!


Olympic in Tokyo

The 2020 Summer Olympics will be held in Tokyo from 24 July – 9 August 2020!!
This is the 2nd time in Tokyo. Previously hosted the 1964 Summer Olympic Games.
The 4th Olympic games in Japan.

This is Tokyo tower with Olympic colour!!
Tokyo has small space but 90% of games will be held in Tokyo.
So you can move easily!
This is the good point!

I ‘m looking forward to seeing Olympic games in Tokyo.
I can’t wait!!!


How to do when earthquake hit

We don’t know when earthquake hit.
In Japan, We learn how to protect myself from earthquake when we are child.
And every year we have a practice to evacuate at school and company.
Remember the following these rules to keep cool and be calm.
・Protect yourself and your family.
・Avoid rushing out of the building.
・When you are in outside, protect your head and keep away from building.
・If you are in hotel or department store so on..follow the instruction.
・Watch out for falling rocks, landslides, and tsunami.
・When you evacuate,do not carry too much.
These are very important.


shopping at Daiso

『DAISO』is a shop selling everything! like foods,Japanese goods,stationery,cosmetics…etc.
And The price is all 100yen each!!!
But nowadays Daiso sells 300yen or 200yen, 500yen… also,
If there is no price tag, it is 100yen.

Daiso has shops at Haneda airport domestic terminal and
Kansai international airport.
These shop is not big but you can buy a gift only 100yen!
When I lived in Delhi, I always buy gifts here because each item is only 100yen and
I can buy many gifts!

Daiso has website but it is only for Japanese…
There are around 2800 shops in Japan, so you can find easily.
This is the most useful shop in Japan!!

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Japanese sports “SUMO”

Sumo is the national sport in Japan. It is a kind of martial art where two sumo wrestlers,
or rikishi, fight in a ring, or dohyo.
As you may already know, a wrestler loses the bout if he is forced out of the ring,
or if any part of his body other than the soles of his feet touch the ground.

To be a sumo wrestler, you must be at least 173 centimeters tall and weigh 75 kilograms.
It is said that some people who were not tall or heavy enough,
hit their heads to get a lump or drink a lot of water before the measurement.
There was one wrestler who even had surgery to put silicon on the top of his head before the measurement.
You see many sumo wrestlers, however, who are taller than 180 cm and weigh over 100kg.
They have their hair tied up in a certain style, called oicho.
This is not just a matter of aesthetics, but protects the wrestlers’ heads when they go head-to-head
at the beginning of the match or if they fall out of the ring.
The Japan Sumo Association holds six tournaments, or hon-basho, each year.
Tokyo hosts hon-basho in January, May and September, Osaka plays host in March,
Nagoya in July and Fukuoka in November.
Sumo wrestlers wear a silk belt, or mawashi, which is 10 meters long and weighs four to five kilograms.
They also attach fringes, or sagari, which have 17 to 21 strings to the belt.
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ski and onsen in Hakuba, Nagano

Hakuba in Nagano is the famouse place for ski in winter.
Many foreigners come to Hakuba to enjoy ski and hotspring in Japanese “onsen”
Do you know the reason why many torists visits Hakuba?
The answer is… ‘quality of snow’. like powder!!
After ski, you can enjoy hotspring!!
Onsen can warm your body and make you happy!
In summer…
Japanese loves to travel to Hakuba in summer because we can enjpy cool temperature owing to high altitudes.
Let’s go to Hakuba and now you can make good experience for special snow like powder.

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What will you buy for gift ?

This is the Best 3 for souvenir!!!
This is the result of survey for foreigners who lives in Japan.
Do you know what’s the difference of Yukata and Kimono?
The shape is same but material is different.
And Yukata wear without underwear.But Kimono needs underwear.
Souvenir shop sells Yukata.

If you use chopsticks, you can eat slowly.Good for health!

In Japan,there are lots of flavors! Please check HERE.
Of course, NO.1 is 『Maccha』Green tea flavor.

This is 『Daruma』.
if your dream come true, you can write the eye like this!
This is Japanese traditional prayer style.
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fast food A&W in Okinawa

When I arrive at Naha airport, I always go to A&W at airport.
A&W is fast food same as McDonald’s.
A&W has stores only in Okinawa.
The specialty is the drink 『Rootbeer』.
The name has beer but this is non alcohol.
Almost same as coke but it has some unique taste…
Anyway, my travel in Okinawa cannot start without A&W.
This is my custom.

please try A&W Rootbeer.

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recommendation cosmetics hot eye mask with relaxation effect

I strongly recommend this eye mask!
This item is very popular in Japan not only female but also male.

Just take eye mask out of package,
Then,mask automatically become warm with aroma of chamomile!
And put on your eye!
That’s it!!

The warm lasts about 10min.
I always use before going bed.
You can buy everywhere like supermarket,drugstore…
The price is JPY450 for 5pcs.

Do not overslept !!

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Japanese food "oden"

In winter, Japanese eat 『ODEN』.

ODEN is consisting of several ingredients like boiled eggs, daikon radish, konnyaku, and processed fish cakes stewed in a light, soy-flavoured (dashi) soup.
We eat ODEN with Japanese mustard (karashi in Japanese).
You can buy at convenient store.
Oden can warm our body and mind!

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Hotel Mandarin Oriental Tokyo

Tokyo is the capital of Japan.
So most of foreigners will visit Tokyo.
I recommend you to stay Mandarin Oriental Tokyo!!

You know, Mandarin oriental is one of the famous hotel in the world.
But I have a special reason to recommend this hotel especially in Tokyo.
The reason is…
Look! That is TOKYO SKYTREE! Amazing!!!
You can enjoy SKYTREE in your room!!

I stayed deluxe room.

Room has enough space.
I thought I’d like to see this view all the night…

The Breakfast at K’SHIKI is great,too.
K’SHIKI is on the 38th floor so you can enjoy panoramic views.
If sky is clear, you can see Mt. FUJI!!

For more details, Please visit http://www.mandarinoriental.com/tokyo/

total ★★★★★
room ★★★★★
view ★★★★★
cost ★★★★☆
staff ★★★★★
location ★★★★★
restaurant ★★★★★

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