Japanese custom eat Ehomaki in Sestubun

3rd of Feb. is “Setsubun” in Japan.
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In setsubun, we eat “Ehomaki”.
Ehomaki is a long sushi roll which you eat all in one go on the night of Setsubun,
while facing silently toward the year’s “lucky” direction with your eyes closed,
wishing for perfect health and praying for prosperity of business.
You make ehomaki with seven ingredients, cucumber, shiitake mushrooms, seasoned omelet, teriyaki eel,
sweet fish flakes and kanpyo are rolled in seaweed representing the seven gods of happiness.
By doing so, people hope to bring happiness into their lives.

Intangible cultural heritage “Washi” (Japanese handmade paper)

UNESCO, which is held in Paris (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) Intangible Cultural Heritage Intergovernmental Committee on the 26th Nov.2014,
registration of “handmade Japanese paper technology” is officially was decided.
It had been registered in 2009, “it (cough late) Ishi-shu rice paper” to (Shimane Prefecture Hamada),
“this Minogami (HonMino-shi)” (Gifu Mino) and “Hosokawa paper (Hosokawa) “(Saitama Ogawa, Higashichichibu)
was added, it was supposed to be registered as a” paper “.
Also,you can make hand made paper in Tokyo!
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now crab is in season!!

Now, crab is in season.
So, I traveled to Kasumi,Hyogo to eat crab.
Actually I go to Hyogo to eat crab every year in January.

I was in the mood to splurge.

If you come to Japan in this season, I strongly recommend to try to eat crab!

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The last day of winter "setsubun"

The Last Day of Winter, called “Setsubun”.
In 2015, 3rd of Feb. is Setsubun.
Setsubun literally means “division of seasons.”
It is used to mark the end of winter and summer, and is derived from the old lunar calendar.
However, “setsubun” has now come to mean the day before the first day of spring only.
It usually occurs around February 3rd. On this day, in a custom called mame-maki,
people throw and scatter roasted soy beans inside and outside their houses while saying,
“Get goblins out of the house! Invite happiness into the home!”
In Japanese “Oni ha soto! , Fuku wa uchi!”

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Airline companies in Japan

There are 2 major airline companies in Japan. These are full service.
One is JAPAN AIRLINES = JAL= a member of oneworld alliance
Another is All Nippon Airways = ANA = a star alliance member

And these 3 companies are LCC
Peach Aviation
Jetstar Japan
vanilla air

These 2 companies are full-service but fare is lower than Japan Airlines and All Nippon Airways.

Mainly I use Japan airlines because I’m a card holder of oneworld and I worked JAL before.
But if you want save the cost, I recommend you to use LCC,
because the fare is totally different!!


sightseeing "Amarube bridge in Hyogo

I went to "Amarube bridge " in Hyogo.
It takes 3 hours from Osaka by car.

The height is 41.5m from the ground!

This bridge is for train.   The red bridge is old one.

This is the view from the bridge.
you can see "Japan sea" from the bridge.

Here is old track and now we can walk as observatory and the name is "soranoeki"= sky station.

The view from 41M height! Thrilling!!! :-)

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LCC Jetstar Japan

Today, I had a flight from Osaka to Tokyo by Jetstar Japan.

I always use Japan airlines but this time, I tried to use Low Cost Carrier, Jetstar Japan.
Because the fare is quite different!
This company is the same group of Jetstar, in Australia.

The seat is narrow but I can stand because this is only 1 hours flight Osaka/Tokyo.

But Jetstar Japan doesn't have a flight to/from Haneda,Tokyo.
They have only Narita.
This is a problem because from Narita to central Tokyo takes around 2hours by train or bus...
Also, Osaka is not Itami(central Osaka).
Kansai International Airport. It takes 1hour from Kansai airport to central Osaka.

You will save your 'money or time' ?


No.1 place for sightseeing where is chosen by tourists(trip advisor) in 2014!!

Here is the No.1 place for sightseeing where is chosen by tourists(trip advisor) in 2014!!
This is 『Fushimi inari taisha 』in Kyoto.
It is famous for its thousands of vermilion "torii" gates, 
which straddle a network of trails behind its main buildings.

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Japanese whisky

In recent years overseas, in succession the Japanese whiskey and sake won a high evaluation,
export volume also tends to increase.
The public and private sectors work together,
we do also advanced efforts to boost the tourism to such brewery in various places,
"SAKE" in the hot line of sight from home and abroad have been poured in Japan.

In recent years domestic whiskey, winning one after another in an international contest.
Last year, winning founder of Nikka Whisky became the model of "Matthan,"(this is a TV drama)
"Taketsuru '17 Pure Malt" is the second time the world's highest award in the British magazine
sponsored "World Whisky Awards".
Suntory "Yamazaki Sherry Cask 2013" was also selected for the first time
in the world's best whiskey in Japan production in the UK guide book "World Whisky Bible".

Compared scent of personality to strong authentic Scotch,
but the main features of the Japanese whiskey that also good balance of delicate flavor.
Suntory spokeswoman said, "sincere (gentleman) attitude to the separate formation
and blending techniques such as Japan's manufacturing of whiskeys is not than being evaluated."

According to the Internal Revenue Service, Japanese whiskey exports in 2013
at 3.9 billion 80 million yen, an increase on previous year's one-six times.
Popular from these overseas is becoming even spread to the tourist side,
last year from January to October in in Osaka Shimamoto
about 5300 people foreign visitors visited, five years ago 7 and that swelled to double.

This is suntory whisky. HIBIKI and YAMAZAKI and HAKUSHU. I love them!!
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japanese culture bonsai

Bonsai is the horticultural art of miniature potted tree and plants which have been grown for a long time to look as they appear in nature.
Recently, bonsai gathered attention overseas and
there has been a trend towards seeing it in a new light, and as a new awareness of bonsai
has grown as it has become a stylish hobby among young people.
The evaluation of ” JAPANESE BONSAI” is very high in the world,
there are professional books in the United States, Spain, and France.
In Italy, there are bonsai universities and museums!
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The season for nabe-mono has arrived!


The season for nabe-mono has arrived!

Nabe-mono(a pod) is a Japanese cuisine quite similar to stew. 
When we refer to  nabe in this season, we mean the practice of putting a pot over a burner in the center of the table and boiling vegetables, seafood, meat and other ingredients as per your preference.
People serve themselves into their own small dish. 
Sukiyaki and shabushabu are also a kind of nabe-mono,
but these are not generally included in the winter nabe-mono category. 
Actually, recent research shows that if you eat nabe with other people
you'll experience relaxed brain waves and find it easier to socialize.

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Do you know B-grade gourmet?

Japanese loves B-grade gourmet.

B-grade gourmet” means the casual dining enjoyable with reasonable price
such as curry rice, ramen (noodle), chow mein… and so on.
Ordinary but tasty !!

Especially Japanese loves ramen.
Every magazine has a special section about ranking of ramen restaurants.

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Japanese culture maid cafe

Japanese culture maid cafe

There are many maid cafe in Akihabara,Tokyo and Nipponbashi,Osaka.
Akihabara is better!
Waitress dressed in maid costume and act as servant, and  customers act like master.

And there are many people wearing a costume of anime character!
If you like Japanese anime, you should go Akihabara
Sometimes, we can see the foreigners wearing a costume.

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If you have a plan to visit japan...

If you have a plan to visit to Japan

I’m Kaori, japanese living in Japan.
I had been working Japan Airlines and I’ve just finished 2 years life in India.
Love travel, Love Japan♡ 

I met a couple from outside Japan at Japanese restaurant.
They saw a menu more than 30min…
And finally both ordered 『Katsu-don』= pork cutlet bowl.

I was so surprised!!
Of course, Katsu-don is tasty. but… 
I thought they don’t know Japanese food.

So, I start to issue this blog to you know about Japanese food,culture and place to see…etc.
I hope this guide has value more than guide book and help your travel and you love Japan!

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